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    Nambuk Co., Ltd. is a machine tool specialist.


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Nambuk was established on May 30, 1978. As a machine tool specialist with extensive technology, we have manufactured and supplied radial drilling machines, vertical drilling machines, milling machines, computer numerical control (CNC) tap centers, and vertical machining centers to build technology-intensive industrial infrastructure for the machining equipment industry. Beyond our existing products, we continue researching and developing our technologies to ensure the best quality.

We have widened the scope of our expertise on drilling and tapping machines through technical partnerships with renowned Japanese manufacturers, establishing ourselves in Korean and global markets based on our customers’ interests.

With more advanced technology and your support and trust, we will achieve the best quality in our craft for an advanced Korea.

Nambuk Co., Ltd. will grow with you.

CEO of Nambuk Co., Ltd.

Mr. Shin Dae-seob